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Based in the Netherlands, Keenondots has built its entire company around the dynamics of cloud services. Keenondots provides a customizable Platform-as-a-Service for the automation of cloud services. Our motivation is to help companies to build, manage and grow their cloud business. We make sure that your business transformation to a cloud based portfolio is a smooth process. We automate your process, activate your delivery, and we accelerate your business.

Meet the team

Laurens van Alphen

Laurens van Alphen

Founder & CTO

Laurens likes living in the fast lane. He loves the rapid developments in IT. He gets a thrill out of finding the best (and latest) solution available for customers. In this process he challenges customers (and our specialists) in order to find a common direction. Realising the solution in collaboration with Keenondots’ specialists is part of the fun.

He has been involved with internet technology since 24 years. In 2002 he founded Keenondots, which, back then, was mainly focused on hosting. Fascinated by the changes in IT he transformed the business from managed hosting to platform enablement. 

In his spare time he likes to go full speed and you can find him on the racing track. He has a racing licence and was Dutch champion Mazda MX-5 Cup in 2010.

If you would like to be challenged by Laurens to find the best solution for your business, he would be happy if you contact him. You can find more about his work experience on his LinkedIn profile.

Coen Korver

Coen Korver

Managing Director

Coen Korver, our Managing Director, has been riding the waves of cloud solutions since its very start. He feels the cloud is a true revolution changing the way organisations think and work.

He has been working in telco and IT for over 10 years. For KPN, the major telecom provider in the Netherlands, he worked on the development and implementation of their cloud first strategy. As a believer of the cloud revolution he wants to make cloud solutions available to as many organisations as possible. Therefore his goals are to expand internationally and facilitate Keenondots’ partners in their digital transformation.

As a marathon runner he has endurance and once he set up his goals he will not give up easily. Beside running, he also enjoys riding actual ocean waves as a kite surfer in his spare time. If you would like to know more about Coen, you are welcome to read his Linkedin profile or contact him so he can tell you in person.

Keenondots timeline

Keenondots’ story Keenondots’ story
From managed hosting provider to platform enabler From managed hosting provider to platform enabler
Exclusive implementation partner of CloudBlue’s platform in Europe Exclusive implementation partner of CloudBlue’s platform in Europe

Keenondots’ story

In 2002 Keenondots started as a managed hosting provider, hence the name.
Following IT developments in the course of the years, founder Laurens van Alphen recognized the future promise of cloud solutions and the growing demand for infrastructure-as-a-service. As he had acquired CloudBlue’s platform to automate his hosting company, he was impressed by its power. Combining the platform’s potential with the as-a-service trend, he came up with the idea of turning it into a platform-as-a-service.

From managed hosting provider to platform enabler

As he soon gained customers and his idea turned out to be successful, he decided to change the company to focus on platform enablement. To get this powerful engine on the road, so to speak, Laurens needed to set up a racing team to keep it on track. He engaged another manager, Coen Korver, to join him in this ambition. Together they searched for the best cloud specialists in the market, who came to join the team in Enschede even from as far as Kuala Lumpur.
Keenondots also changed offices. Fitting their new aspirations they found their new location at the high tech campus of the Twente university, an inspirational environment for an ambitious knowledge-based company.

Exclusive implementation partner of CloudBlue’s platform in Europe

Since the new focus in mid-2015 Keenondots set up a strategic alliance with CloudBlue to be the exclusive implementation partner of their provisioning and billing platform in Europe.* We are 1 of their 4 preferred partners, which proves how well they appreciate the application we have given to their platform.
Together with our in-house specialists, we are continuously developing our expertise on this infrastructure and cloud automation services, improving the platform’s connections and integration to other systems.

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