Automated ordering, control and billing of cloud solutions

Every provider can deliver solutions such as Office365 but can you distinguish yourselves from your peers? As a provider, you must be agile and flexible in development, products, and configuration of your cloud solution. To become agile in order to accelerate your cloud business the automation of your cloud business is essential.

Our automation platform enables you to save time and money, and we will help you accelerate your cloud business. At Keenondots we make sure that the business transformation and acceleration is a smooth process.

1. Order

Purchase your cloud applications from our platform. Our platform houses an extended range of solutions from different software partners, such as Office365, Dropsuite and Exclaimer.

2. Switch

With a click of a button switch to a solution that suits you better, and switch back if it doesn’t meet the expectations.

3. In Control

Our independent solution gives you freedom of choice in configuring our cloud solutions and ISV’s for your customers.

4. Self-Service

Allow your customers control and insight into their usage with our brandable customers self-service portal.

5. Enterprise Integration

Integrate business systems, both within and outside your enterprise, such as ERP, CRM, General Ledger systems and Service Support systems on a single platform.


Ready to automate your cloud business?