Automated ordering, delivery, control and billing of cloud solutions

Every service provider can deliver cloud solutions such as Office365 but can you distinguish yourselves from your peers? Your customers will need a digital base for their future development and sometimes even survival. As a cloud services provider, you can offer this by offering cloud based solutions. You must be agile and adoptive in the development, bundling, and offering of your cloud solutions. To become agile, and accelerate your cloud business, the automation of your cloud solutions delivery is essential.

Our automation platform enables you to save time and money, and will help you accelerate your cloud business. At Keenondots we make sure that your business transformation and cloud acceleration is a smooth process. With the automation platform solution that we offer you, you can create your own digital base. You can really start building solutions, with the cloud and software suppliers you and your customers want to work with.

1. Self-Service

Create a zero touch ordering flow! Your customers can order and get insight in the solutions they have with you via our brandable customers self-service portal.

2. Order flow

Automate the complete order, delivery and billing flow from your customers towards your cloud, and software providers or distributors.


3. Portfolio

You will have freedom of choice in configuring your cloud solutions and ISV’s for your customers. Bundle and offer software partners, like Microsoft and vendors for Security, Back-up, Productivity, File Sharing and other workplace oriented solutions.

4. In Control

Via the platform, you control your solutions, pricing, margins, resellers and licenses. You will be in control of your Cloud Business directly.

5. Enterprise Integration

Integrate your Cloud Business in your back-end systems, such as ERP, CRM, General Ledger systems and Service Support systems on a single platform.


6. Administration

Optimize your billing, payment and financial control processes by automating the monthly billing and purchasing control cycles.


Ready to automate your cloud business?