How digital are you as a cloud provider?

Would you like to compare your own digital status

with your peers in the cloud market?

Wonder how your added value compares to other providers in the industry? For our 2018 benchmark we invite you to take part in the European Cloud Providers Benchmark survey.

We are investigating the level of digitization among the digitizers themselves such as MSP’s, Telco’s, ISV’s, hosters and IT resellers: what are your current challenges, what is your innovation power, where does your company’s success depends on, and how does digitization play a part in this?

Take our 2018 European Cloud Providers Benchmark survey and we will email you a copy of the report after the research is finalized.

You can use the results to:

  • Determine trends and see best practices to incorporate into your cloud strategy
  • Benchmark your cloud performance and cloud adoption to those of other cloud providers
  • Build a business case for further investment in digitization

We will publish the research report later this year. In the meantime it is possible to access our benchmark dashboard to compare your anonymized data with other companies.

To see whether your company is digitized enough to survive, take our survey.




This is some of the data collected so far.
Take our survey and see how you compare to your peers! With our dashboard you have instant access to the collected (anonymized) data. The link that you receive after finishing the survey updates several times a day, so you have up-to-date data.