Rely on your infrastructure


It is crucial for your business to be able to rely on a infrastructure you can trust.

That is why Keenondots chose CloudBlue Infrastructure as core platform for its provisioning and billing system: it has proven to be stable and trustworthy.


A complete ordering and billing solution


We deliver this platform with fully integrated deployment and management automation, pay-per-use billing, a customer self-service capability and an online cloud service store. According to your IT infrastructure and business process, we can integrate the platform in various systems (PSA, Ledger)

In just a few simple steps, you can build and run efficient and profitable cloud solutions from this platform.


The platform consists of the following components:

  • Business Intelligence: to create valuable insights in your revenue and sales.
  • Customer Control Panel: to set up the basic configuration of all your cloud solutions. E.g. you can allow your customers to manage their own services with you. This will save you a lot of administration.
  • Cloud Marketplace: to create opportunities for faster time to market.
  • Cloud Orchestrator: to manage multiple workloads in public and private cloud infrastructure.
  • Admin Control Panel: to personalize the platform by setting your brand’s appearance, manage customers and subscriptions, customize order and business flows and manage cloud offerings.


By using CloudBlue infrastructure you can:

  • get a complete overview of all cloud services in the catalog;
  • add your own Intelligent Property by means of white or private labels;
  • allow your customers to easily browse through all cloud services available and add additional services themselves with just one click;
  • easily monetize on selling more additional services;
  • reduce customer churn by providing your customers insight in all cloud offerings.

Integration with your systems


As preferred European supplier* of CloudBlue, Keenondots has integrated this platform with several systems. Every day we are improving and further standardizing its integration with all kinds of platforms. If you would like to know how CloudBlue’s infrastructure might work for you, please contact us.

*excl. Ireland & Great Britain


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