Last week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida – Keenondots’ founder & CTO Laurens van Alphen was attending the annual Microsoft Ignite & Envision event.

The highlights from this event show us the direction Microsoft is taking towards empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

AI first
It is no longer cloud-first or mobile-first, but AI first. In most cases AI refers to Machine Learning. AI is going to be everywhere, such as Cc-ing Cortana to arrange a meeting between multiple parties with buddy schedules: Cortana will manage for you.

Microsoft Teams 
Microsoft Teams is the focal point for team communications. Slack should be very worried about the tight integration of the Skype for Business client into Teams and the ability to extend Teams with PowerApps and such.

Serverless Architecture
Good news for IT in general, but bad news for traditional system engineers: soon no-one will have to deploy or manage a VM anymore. With Azure Function you can run your business logic directly in the cloud and Containers allow you to deploy workloads in a standardized environment; whether they run on your laptop, on-premise, public cloud or on your customers IoT edge device.

Fewer and fewer business projects warrant the time and expense of writing custom code. This is driven by API- and microservices architecture in many systems today. Microsoft’s PowerApps, Common Data Model and Flow as well as 180+ integrations provide a solid Platform-as-a-Service for modern line of business applications. Don’t forget the security benefits of these solutions versus duct-tape level Excel gems. You no longer ‘build’ or ‘buy’ but ‘extend what you already have’ – and then one day replace the old.

Microsoft has integrated Cloudyn’s Azure Cost Management solution of EA and CSP direct in the Azure portal. Main features are: monitor and predict cloud spend, drive organizational accountability and optimize efficiency.