Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers

Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) are targeted at supporting companies with their IT workplace. Providing services is in their DNA. Although the growth of cloud services has not changed this attitude, their work has been altered. Cloud services made IT simpler for their customers. Yet, for MSP’s, administration of cloud service delivery can be a hassle. Keenondots can help you automate your billing and provisioning, so you can keep on focusing on serving your customers.

Your challenges

As an MSP you usually deliver your services in a monthly subscription like model, per user or supported workstation, in long term agreements.

Due to the development of cloud services and their flexible subscription models, your way of working, offering, provisioning and billing has changed.

  • Enabling easy offering, ordering and delivery of cloud based application solutions like Office 365 and other solutions from and to your customers.
  • Enabling the ordering of the different solutions from one automation platform towards all your different cloud software providers.
  • Unburdening you from the administrative hassle of all the different incoming invoices and usage data.
  • Producing and integrating the usage based subscriptions from the different suppliers into one consolidated invoice for the customer.
  • Delivering a solid digital base to further scale and grow your subscription based solutions.
  • Assisting in building and offering (customized) service bundles towards your customers for more added value and margins.

Our solution

With our Cloud Automation Solution, we can assist MSP’s with these developments and challenges by:

  • Specifically the Office 365 solutions from Microsoft changed your customer’s demand and their opportunities. You are now more a pay-per-use provider and a one stop shop. Within a month, your customers are able to up- and downscale the number of users and their portfolio. This scalability and flexibility delivers a new administrative challenge for you.
  • Office 365 is still often sold as a stand-alone ‘cloud’ product, while it offers plenty of opportunities to add value. This awareness is only growing slowly. Think about the opportunities for your customers. They might profit from additional services to help them improve their business process, e.g. security packages to help them become GDPR compliant. Offering additional services to Office 365 will increase your revenue and margins.
  • With your service DNA you also might want to reconsider your added value to your customer and shift your delivery model from inhouse/on site to remote/cloud based application services.

Your wins

With our current MSP customers, we see a steep increase in their existing portfolio, a decrease in the manual handling in billing and ordering – with the associated errors- and a higher turnover per customer.

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