IT Resellers

The world of IT reselling has changed. From projects and one-off selling, IT products – even hardware- are shifting towards subscription based services. For IT resellers this is your chance to change your one time sales income into monthly recurring revenue.

Your challenges

As a reseller you used to optimize margins per product by smart purchasing and selecting your suppliers. In the subscription economy, business has changed. You are no longer a trading house, you need to start adding value for your customers. This brings along some challenges:

  • Enabling easy offering, ordering and delivery of cloud based application solutions like Office 365 and other solutions from and to your customers.
  • Enabling the ordering of the different solutions from one automation platform towards all your cloud software providers.
  • Producing and integrating the usage based subscriptions from the different suppliers intoone consolidated invoice for your customer.
  • Assisting you in building a cloud based solutions portfolio and advising you in upsellopportunities towards your customers for more added value and margins.
  • Delivering a solid digital base to further scale and grow your subscription based solutions.
  • Unburdening you from the administrative hassle of all the different incoming invoices and usage data.

Our solution

All these challenges have an impact on your administration. Yet, if you want to focus on your customers and add value for them, you will need to keep these recurring administrative tasks as simple as possible.

Keenondots can assist with their Cloud Automation Solution in your developments and challenges by:

  • Cloud and subscription based solutions require a monthly administration.
  • The continuous changes in the monthly subscriptions of products like Office 365, deliver a new dynamic in your delivery and billing process. Even during the month, companies are able to up- and downscale the number of users. This scalability and flexibility delivers a new administrative challenge.
  • Office 365 is still often sold as an easy standalone ‘cloud’ product. Yet, to maximize your revenue you need to benefit from the potential upsell options it holds. E.g. By upselling security solutions for the Office data, a European company can be compliant with the GDPR rules. Do you have an eye for upsell opportunities like these?
  • These opportunities only become apparent when you reposition yourself from being a product reseller to a value based IT provider. To do so, you will need to invest in developing your cloud services portfolio in a market place. Can you estimate which services are worth investing in?

Your wins

What we see with our current MSP customers is a steep increase in their existing portfolio, adecrease in the manual handling of billing and ordering – with the associated errors- and a higher turnover per customer.

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