Telecom operators

Telecom operators

The world of telecom changes continuously: competition, rapid changing technology, service offering, the addressable market, etc. Nowadays, customers expect you to deliver the full range of communication and IT solutions, including cloud services.

This will involve some challenges for you but ordering and billing of cloud services are made easy by using Keenondots’ platform, even when you sell in big volumes and order products from different providers.

Your challenges


  • Enabling easy offering, ordering and delivery of cloud based application solutions like Office 365 and other solutions from and to your customers.
  • Enabling the ordering of the different solutions from one automation platform towards the different cloud software providers.
  • Producing and integrating the usage based subscriptions from the different suppliers and your own services into one consolidated invoice for the customer.
  • Delivering a solid digital base to further scale and grow your subscription based solutions.
  • Unburdening you from the administrative hassle of all the different incoming invoices and usage data.
  • Unburdening you from the administrative hassle of all the different incoming invoices and usage data.

Our solution

 With our Cloud Automation Solution, we can assist telecom operators with these developments and challenges by:

  • Telecom operators are used to selling monthly services which are usage based. You have mastered the art of bundling, upselling and marketing packages to your customers. However, your focus was merely communication, whether via mobile phones, fixed lines or internet. Now communication and IT are integrating more and more, customers demand you to deliver complete communications solutions, including the IT components.
  • While you are moving over to the IT side, traditional IT companies are evolving at delivering telecom solutions as well. Here’s some new competition. Therefore you need to expand your portfolio with preferably the latest cloud based IT solutions. Your challenge is not so much the continuous changes in the monthly usage but the knowledge of how to build and package an IT portfolio and the delivery of cloud solutions from a 3 rd party supplier like Microsoft directly.

Your wins

As telecom provider, you serve many customers at the same time and deal with scalable service volumes. Therefor you need a carrier grade IT solution to automate your provisioning and billing. Our platform has proven to be reliable and trustworthy even with variable volumes. Keenondots’ product is a platform-as-a-service, making it affordable for telecom providers. Implementing a platform like this in-house might be out of your range. We offer it as a service for a fraction of the cost. Same technique, and we even take care of its maintenance. We currently assist some very large telecom operators, like Tele2, in bundling services and optimizing their delivery and billing of cloud solutions. We notice a change in adoption of their portfolio from their customers which indicates the success of their expanding cloud IT portfolio.

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