WEBINAR: How to accelerate with the Office 365+ program?

Learn how you can create your own digital workplace proposition with Office 365 as a base. By adding complementary third-party cloud services and your own managed services in one solution. And with one single click you automate the provisioning, orchestration and billing of your solution(s) via the Keenondots platform. So you only have to focus on selling your digital workplace proposition.

WEBINAR RECORDING: Are you leveraging your CSP status to its full potential?

Learn how to set up the required basics for a 1-Tier CSP Partner: provisioning, billing and support. As most of the 1-Tier partners struggle to grow their business. We are taking it a step further by providing you ideas on how-to accelerate your CSP business. Thijs van Hofwegen, CCO Keenondots and Sybren Visser, Partners Success Manager Keenondots will tell you all about how to accelerate by differentiating from your peers!


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